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  • 3 Reasons To Give Therapy A Try

    There is a social stigma that counseling is for individuals who are broken, bruised, crazy or incapable of dealing with their issues. I’ve heard it for years that these are the people that need real help.

    The truth is, I have yet to meet a person who came to counseling and didn’t feel like they left with more than they came in with. Whether it is for something that you’re currently struggling with or something that is haunting you from the past, working with a counselor is something that can prove to be extremely beneficial, even if it’s just in gaining a grip on what it is that you’re battling. In an attempt to throw that social stigma out the window, we’ve visited three of the reasons that working with a counselor can prove to be extremely beneficial.

    Get To The Root of The Problem

    There are plenty of instances where we wind up upset or angry with a situation, but can’t really figure out what it is that is making us so incredibly upset or is leading to symptoms tied to a mental health disorder. When you work with a counselor, you’re given the opportunity to talk through your emotions and get a fresh perspective of someone that doesn’t know you, to help you figure out what it is that is the ultimate root of your problem.

    A Fresh Perspective

    As we just mentioned, your therapist is able to provide you with a fresh perspective on what you’re saying, from someone that doesn’t know you. Friends and family have an easy time manipulating the things that are said and the things that get done, so it’s always good to have someone that isn’t directly tied to or affected by the things that you’re going to say so that they can’t sway the way you’re feeling.

    Learn More About Yourself

    One of the most powerful benefits of going to counseling is that you’re able to learn more about yourself and how you cope and deal with things. You will discover plenty of new, interesting things that make you up to be the person that you are. From there you’ll be able to better handle situations and have a better idea of what types of attitudes, mentalities, and situations trigger you.

    After a few sessions with Wendy Iglehart, you’ll see just how beneficial counseling can be. Schedule an appointment at our office in Cockeysville today.