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  • Anger Management Couples Counseling: How You And Your Partner Can Work Together

    No relationship is perfect, and while many of us might spend our lives looking for the “one”, in reality, a great and healthy relationship takes a lot of work and responsibility and emotional control. A healthy relationship is truly a sum of its parts, with both individuals giving and taking, and ultimately working towards providing for the needs of one another. Every individual has flaws and characteristics that can make fostering that healthy relationship more difficult than it sounds, whether it’s how they deal with conflict, how much they show their affection, or potential anger management issues. And at times, these individual flaws and frustrating characteristics can feel overwhelming, and potentially make you feel like the relationship is failing because of them.

    But if you are willing to work with your partner to grow past a consistent issue like anger, there is hope. Anger is a powerful emotion that can overcome a number of rational responses and reactions in an individual, and for a spouse or partner, this emotional and irrational response can make arguments and conflict a lot more severe and consistent than they normally would be. But with an action-oriented plan to manage the anger, and a safe environment to discuss solutions, you and your spouse can grow past these issues. And that is exactly what we look to provide at Wendy Iglehart Psychotherapy and Counseling. Our team of dedicated counselors are here to work with you and your spouse to find a way to manage the anger, and grow past it,  all in a safe space where you can approach your thoughts and actions with compassion and ease. Keep reading to learn more about our anger management couples counseling, or give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

    Anger as An Emotion

    Everyone has felt angry at some point or another. Whether you stubbed your toe on a table leg, got into an argument with your friend, or found an additional fee on a bill, we have all felt the frustration and anger that can arise from these types of occurrences. Anger is generally the emotive response when we encounter provocation, a threat, a feeling of disrespect, or simply just bad luck. We feel the need to limit, push back or fight against the person or entity that has wronged us or threatened us. Our heart rate and blood pressure increases and we feel a surge of adrenaline, an evolutionary by-product of the “flight or fight” response. Oftentimes, this feeling can offer comfort or even catharsis, as it gives us a sense of control and power in an otherwise powerless situation. But many times, especially in interpersonal and social interactions, this emotion can bubble out of control and deter those closest to us from helping or supporting. 

    Anger With Your Spouse

    Anger towards or in front of your partner usually follows this same pattern of emotive reaction. But the experience and the consequences of showing this anger can be quite different in a romantic relationship. Every romantic relationship will likely have some sort of argument or conflict between individuals at some point or another, and oftentimes with conflicts comes anger, for both sides. But if the anger of one individual is uncontrollable or poorly managed, conflicts and disagreements can turn into severe arguments quite quickly. Anger usually begets anger, and consistent and uncontrollable anger from one individual can often leave the other individual frustrated, hurt, or feeling overwhelmed. Healthy conflict resolution is a critical skill to have in any sort of relationship, but it is particularly important in the case of romantic relationships and effective anger management. 

    Managing Anger as a Couple

    While anger management is often an individual issue, the solution can often involve a team effort. Anger management couples counseling is a way for you and your spouse to approach the   recurring issue of anger in your relationship, as a couple. The methodology behind anger management couples counseling is to approach anger as a collaborative unit that is committed to fostering the love and care you have for one another, through effective conflict resolution. Whether it’s breathing exercises, a self-aware cognitive approach to what triggers the anger, or even a phrase that makes the angry individual more aware of their anger in the moment, there are a wide variety of techniques to manage anger as a couple. And with the compassionate and experienced counselors at Wendy Iglehart Psychotherapy and Counseling, our team will guide you through the process of anger management couples counseling, and help you foster the relationship you care about.

    Anger Management Couples Counseling – Wendy Iglehart Psychotherapy

    Anger is a common and consistent emotion throughout your life. It’s not necessarily inherently negative,  and the feeling of expression of anger can be a good release, even cathartic at times. But uncontrollable or mismanaged anger can make maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships in your life quite difficult. As cathartic as it may feel, the emotional and irrational takeover of anger can lead to more severe issues with your spouse. But all hope is not lost.  Anger management couples counseling can offer a supportive and  safe space where you can discuss the triggers and experiences of anger, the methods of managing it, and how anger management can factor into the larger fostering of your relationship. And our experienced and dedicated counselors at Wendy Iglehart Psychotherapy and CounselingWendy Iglehart Psychotherapy and Counseling are here to do just that. Contact us today and schedule an appointment now!