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  • Anger Management & Couples Counseling, Part 2

    Tempering your anger does not come naturally to humans. We are emotional creatures who are made to feel a wide variety of feelings, such as anger, joy, love, hate, compassion, and sympathy. However, we can also feel jealousy and covetousness. Humans are no doubt complicated, which can be said for our emotions as well.

    Wendy Inglehart has over 20 years as a psychotherapist helping couples work out their differences in the Cockeysville area, including helping with anger management solutions. Below, we’ll offer up more tips on how to manage your anger inside a relationship. Contact us today to get started!


    Let Go of the Past

    As humans, we all make mistakes. That is how we learn. After all, from the moment you were born, you had to learn to crawl, to walk, to talk, and to ride a bike. All of this took time, practice, and learning from failure. The same goes with learning how to navigate the waters of human emotion. Anger management has to be learned by most people, and most people won’t get it right the first time. When your loved one makes a mistake, don’t hold it against them, nor bring it up in every argument you have. Instead, learn to forgive, and then let the grudge and anger go. Not only will you be a happier person, but you’ll have a happier life with your significant other as well.

    Put Relaxation Techniques in Place

    As mentioned above, you’re not born with an innate sense of how to manage your anger. In fact, it can be extremely challenging. However, there are skills you can learn to help you with anger management. You can exercise, which will help you release stress. Stress can be a big part of what is causing your anger. Or, you can practice relaxation techniques as well, such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga. Some people find listening to classical music relaxing or journaling their feelings. Wendy Inglehart recommends finding what works for you.

    Seek Professional Help if Need Be

    Sometimes you just need a third party to step in and help you and your significant other with anger management. Counselors are trained in many methods that can help equip you with the tools you need to end the fighting and the emotional outbursts. If you both seem to be butting heads and are at your wit’s end, reach out to us today!


    Wendy Inglehart offers the best couples therapy and anger management therapy in Cockeysville. She’s been helping couples with all of their problems, including anger management. She also can help with collaborative divorce, depression, anxiety, or individual and family counseling. Wendy Inglehart brings a caring and compassionate heart to all of her counseling services. She has years of experience helping couples with complex problems. While the number of sessions vary, depending on your needs, you can be assured that Wendy Inglehart offers you her best every time. Reach out today to learn more!