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  • Anxiety Treatment, and What You Can Do

    The feelings and symptoms that occur with the experience of anxiety are as widespread as they are unpleasant. While some folks experience a much more severe form and frequency of anxiety than others, it’s a universal experience felt by all. Similar to fear, anxiety is a response ingrained in the very nature of our human existence, originating from the evolutionary flight-or-fight traits of our ancestors. However, there is a very important distinction between fear and anxiety; fear is defined as an appropriate emotional and cognitive response to a perceived threat, while anxiety occurs in situations that are perceived as unavoidable or uncontrollable, yet unrealistically so. 

    This by no means implies that anxiety is an unrealistic or invalid experience, but instead shows that the experience of anxiety originates from our assessment and expectations of an external situation, a dreading of a near-impossible worst-case scenario. For those of us who experience anxiety on a consistent basis, this fact might appear to make things more frustrating and unapproachable, but in reality, it actually makes anxiety much more possible to be dealt with. Instead of hoping for externally fortunate outcomes, and trying to prepare ourselves for a supposedly upcoming negative event, your anxiety is an internal experience that you have control over, even if you think you may not. The very existence of anxiety is based on trying to control external things that are more or less out of our control, but the presence of anxiety is an internal experience that you can treat and have control over, with time and practice. Keep reading to learn more about anxiety treatment, and how Wendy Igleheart Counseling could help you. 

    Ways You Can Approach Your Anxiety

    Whether you have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, or simply experience anxiety like any human might and want to gain more control, you have the power. That doesn’t mean the experience of anxiety makes you powerless, nor does it mean that you can “get rid” of your anxiety. You simply have more power to cope with and control it than you think, and with the right techniques and methods, you can gain control of your anxiety and anxious thoughts and actualize the in-control person you want to be.


    Varying forms of meditation have existed for centuries, in a variety of spiritual and religious practices. Nowadays, the practices and value of meditation has become much more widespread, being used as a therapeutic technique for many different purposes. And with good reason, as a variety of research and studies have shown the incredible benefits that meditation can offer to mental health. For those experiencing anxiety, meditation can offer breathing and thinking techniques that can offer relaxation, and help dispel anxious thoughts and the triggers that induce anxious thoughts. Meditation techniques can also offer coping methods for panic attacks or other severe experiences of anxiety.

    Physical Health

    Maintaining good physical health is practically a full-time job. Getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and staying in shape is a lot to be responsible for, in addition to trying to live an enjoyable and fulfilling life. When one or two of these responsibilities slip, however, it can have a substantial effect on your mental health. We have all felt the added bit of irritation, stress, and frustration that comes easier when we are tired or hungry. And for those who experience anxiety, anxious thoughts and feelings can come much easier and more frequently when we are in this state. Working diligently to maintain all aspects of your physical health will provide you a better feeling body, which will offer necessary support to your mental health, and give you more control in coping and managing with your anxiety.


    As we have entered the modern world, the ability and availability of prescription medications have only increased more and more. While this trend has had some questionable effects in terms of the opioid crisis and the influence of large pharmaceutical companies, that can’t subtract from the fact that a lot of these medications work. With the right dosage schedule and a trusted doctor, anti-anxiety medication can offer effective relief from anxious feelings and thoughts, and induce the relaxation that consistent anxiety seems to take away much of the time. For many people, medication is considered a last resort, as consistent usage can potentially result in dependency or other unwanted side effects. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t offer the effective relief and treatment for your anxiety that you are looking for. If you are considering anti-anxiety medication, discuss it with your doctor or psychiatrist and make sure it’s the right choice for you.


    As mental health awareness and acceptance has only grown and improved over the past decade, so too has the implementation and popularity of counseling and psychotherapy techniques. And with incredibly good reason too, as therapy and counseling can be a highly effective method of treating a variety of mental health conditions and experiences, including anxiety. A counselor or therapist offers a safe space where you can get professional help exploring and understanding your mind, which allows you to have a better grasp on your thoughts, and ultimately provide more control. With a trusted counselor, you can better approach the thought patterns that contribute to your anxiety and learn what is problematic about them, and what you can do to take back that control. Wendy Igleheart has been a proud provider of counseling services for a variety of mental health aspects for years now, and for those individuals living in Maryland or the surrounding areas, we would be proud to provide anxiety treatment and therapy services to you.

    Anxiety Treatment with Wendy Igleheart Counseling

    For those of us who experience anxious thoughts, whether intermittently or constantly, the unpleasant feeling of dread, of concern, and unrealistic negative anticipation that comes with anxiety can be debilitating. But you aren’t alone in your experiences, nor are you alone in the battle to gain back control. Regardless of what method you decided on to treat your anxiety and anxious thoughts, our team at Wendy Igleheart Counseling is here to help. Contact us today and see how our team can help you.