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  • Childhood Depression

    Most of us like to think back on when we were kids and lament of how easy it was, the freedom of being young and the lack of real responsibilities. The truth of the matter is that young people suffer from depression and it is a condition that is absolutely treatable. Identifying depression in children can sometimes be difficult as the actual issue may manifest itself in a different way, such as anger instead of sadness.

    Growing Up

    It seems that growing up today is much more traumatic than in previous generations but then again, our parents probably thought the same way. It is easy to forget how difficult growing up can actually be, when hindsight is the lens that you look through. It is difficult to remember just how important emotions are to a child growing up, most adults have trouble dealing with emotions at one time or another, just think of how challenging it is for a child.

    There is Hope

    Growing up is not a walk in the park, I don’t care who you are, and the baggage can last well into adulthood. The positive being that in today’s mental health climate we are discussing the ramifications of the experiences our children go through. Most parents mean well and love their children but the fact of the matter is, people do not think alike and that creates a situation in which parents judge each other for their parenting. Children need to be encouraged, kept safe and above all, loved. Now, all of these factors might be in place and a child could still be suffering from depression. The signals are generally the same as in adults and should not be ignored.

    The bottom line is, if there is any doubt about whether or not you are suffering from depression, by all means, get help.