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    Family Counseling

    Wendy Iglehart provides counseling for families throughout Maryland dealing with issues that are affecting your family’s lives. Family counseling addresses issues that crop up between family members and helps to address and fix these issues. As a family grows and evolves to be more complex, problems can occur and learning how to talk about them is a big facet of family therapy. As the years go by, a family is vulnerable to suffer from problems in communication, as well as discipline and parenting issues. Divorce can also be a painful rift in your family relationships, and it’s important to work through these together as a family. Adjusting to divorce can be an overwhelming task. Again, counseling addresses these issues, the cause of these issues, and it may offer solutions to those involved.

    Communication Issues

    Communication can be difficult within your family, and building your family relationships may start with open communication. This is a very important aspect of maintaining a healthy family dynamic. Family members should be able to speak candidly and openly, without fear of holding things back. With open communication, trust can be formed and other issues can be revealed and resolved. Family therapy and counseling can help address these problems at the core and come up with ways in which to reconnect your family to develop a strong relationship again.

    Parenting & Discipline

    Parenting can be difficult, and discipline can create an open wound when addressed improperly. Though discipline is a necessary part of parenting, going about it the wrong way can seriously impact relationships within your family. Through family counseling, we can settle on parenting techniques that work for all people involved. We can work through issues of control, respect, and again, trust.

    Family Counseling for Divorce

    Divorce is extremely complex for families. With so many variables at play, so much to settle, and so many things to discuss, counseling can serve as a tool to make divorce a bit easier for all involved. There is a lot of emotion behind divorces, and it’s important to control these emotions and help create a stable environment for you and your family, especially if you have kids. If you’re currently addressing divorce, you can count on Wendy Iglehart to aid you through the process. Wendy specializes in collaborative divorce counseling for families as well as couples.

    Family issues are complex, and solving any one issue is not black and white. There are various factors that go into family issues, and family therapy allows for the chance to communicate openly. Through family counseling, problems may be resolved, obstacles may be overcome, and the health of your family relationships may be allowed to thrive. Contact Wendy today if you’re seeking family counseling.

    “Wendy Iglehart is a wonderful therapist. She listens to you which is very important, but she also has great knowledge on how to respond with extremely helpful dialogue. I have those moments where I say out loud “I never thought about it that way”, or I never thought about that at all”, which means Wendy has real concrete ways to help with issues one is dealing with. She is personable and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Wendy. She is special!”