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  • Is Avoiding Anger Helpful?

    The image of anger is portrayed as a snarly, fanged monster, once released — the rage and fury will devour and destroy.  But when anger is not addressed it could become turned inward.  Thus, the dichotomy arises between outward destruction or internal turmoil.

    Coming into the holiday season, I sense my mood lowering into a melancholy state.  I find it difficult to cope with family dynamics and keeping the meaning of the holidays pure.  This time of year is a blaring reminder of my parent’s divorce, my estranged relationship with my father, my husband disgruntles about money, and the family strife.   In the movie, Shriek, Donkey described Shriek as angry and Shriek responded he was like an onion with many layers.  Anger is  an onion.  In other words, anger could tell us much more about our feelings and experience.  Who knew Shriek was so wise?

    For me, holidays have been a reminder of past hurts and present disappointments.  The Hallmark Channel is streaming movies in which the main character resists enjoyment and resents any holiday spirit.  I usually empathize; however, my mood is not transformed in a window of 2 hours.  Instead, I have gratitude the months flew by and the season is water under the bridge.

    I joined the blog community in the hope of sharing and connecting.  I want to begin peeling my onion with you.  At times,  my anger may appear snarly or teary (remember peeling onions prompt tears).  With your interest and openness, I trust I will learn more about my feelings and maybe even more of a gift — insight about Who I am.