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    Marriage Counseling

    Wendy Iglehart, LCPC provides marriage counseling to help reestablish a good connection with you and your spouse. A healthy marriage can be difficult to maintain, and problems are inevitably going to crop up. It’s completely common to have marriage problems, so don’t fret. Marriage counseling is specifically designed to address these problems and create an open line of communication. In marriage counseling, we dig into the root issues that cause these problems, and with some work, marriage counseling can help to solve them. Tension can build up between partners for a variety of reasons, including all of the following:

    Lack of Communication

    Communicating is crucial to a healthy marriage. Although it may be painful or difficult, communication can lead to better understanding, better openness, and greater emotional intimacy. Establishing open communication between partners establishes trust, and it can solve other marriage issues. Marriage counseling can help reestablish the crucial communication necessary to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.

    Unequal Expectations

    You and your spouse may not see eye to eye on certain aspects of your relationship. This friction can cause frustration; and that can lead to separation. Again, couples who can communicate their expectations, as well as the reasoning behind these expectations, will have more success at finding a middle ground. It can be useful to allow for give and take.

    Emotional Intimacy Problems

    Connecting on an emotional level lends meaning to a marriage. You should be able to speak with your partner about anything you’d like, no matter how difficult the topic may be. Spouses should form a bridge of trust that allows for complete emotional openness. Just like positive emotions, it’s okay to feel negative emotions – fear, sadness, anger – and express them. It’s okay to share these emotions with your spouse, and that’s a very important thing to understand. It’s healthy to be expressive. Talking about your emotions may be the first step in coping with them; and it will further build trust between you and your love. Wendy Iglehart is experienced in helping to bridge the gap of creating trustworthiness, and is ready to help rekindle the emotional connection between you and your spouse.

    Bad Habits

    Bad habits can pop up for individuals or couples throughout a marriage, creating problems that can be properly addressed with open communication in therapy. Counseling can address these bad habits and help alleviate the damage resulting from bad habits. Alcoholism, for instance, can undermine a relationship and destroy a marriage. Through counseling therapy, bad habits can be overcome and your marriage can no longer suffer from the effect that bad habits can have on your relationship.


    People change, and change is an inevitable part of life. If you find that you and your spouse are drifting apart as you change and become different people, you’ll have to adjust to overcome these changes and help strengthen your relationship again. While some changes are completely healthy and should be embraced, others may be overwhelming or harmful to your marriage. Determining what change means for your relationship, where that change is leading, and what consequences it may have on your marriage and openly discussing it can have a huge effect on the overall health of your relationship. Through marriage counseling, you can learn to accept change, embrace growth, allow for the freedom to change, and mitigate any problematic changes.

    Now, this certainly isn’t a comprehensive list of all of the problems that spouses can encounter as they navigate through married life, we understand that there are a lot of other and intimate problems that may affect your marriage. Similarly, the solutions aren’t black and white – each relationship is unique and deals with unique problems. It can take time to unravel issues in a marriage. Counseling is a step towards a better relationship between you and your spouse. Get in touch with Wendy Iglehart, LCPC today to get started.

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