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  • Mini-Vacation

    My husband and I have created a tradition of taking a long weekend to the beach twice a year. We have certain criteria for a short break – less than a 3 hours driving distance to avoid use of the airport, restaurants and activities within walking distance of the hotel, post- or pre- season, and within a budget including a dog sitter. As a result, a tradition has been born. This year I was somewhat bummed because my asthma flared up and I can’t talk without a coughing fit. (Albeit, this might have been more relaxing for my husband without my usual chatter.) With my ailment before the trip, I was concerned I wouldn’t find the trip as relaxing as I have in the past. I had a pharmacy of tablets, inhalers, supplements, and the nebulizer (my newest addition) to manage my symptoms.

    During the course of a few hours into our trip, my husband began to develop a cough. We joked he had sympathy asthma. The arcade was closed which has the best game ever – Gold Fishin’. The object of the game is to bounce Ping-Pong balls into fish bowls (kind of like the kids versions of beer ?). When a ball enters a bowl, the voice responds “Wow wee” or sings the catchy tune “Gold Fishin’, Gold Fishin’.” The weather was temperamental and rainy having local business owners and residents apologizing to us. Yet the fresh sea air, the company of my husband and holding his hand while dog watching on the boardwalk, eating yummy food, and meeting friends for a drinks or dinner is just what the doctor ordered.