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  • New Kid on the Block

    When I was in 4th grade, my parents transferred me mid-year into a new school.  The principal escorted us to the classroom.  I wore a fresh navy checkered-jumper uniform with a white blouse and navy tights with black loafers.  I felt terrified and awkward meeting students who already had established friendships.  Plus, I looked like something from a horror film with a brown grotesque scab on the left side of my face from a fall I took on the concrete while roller skating.  My face was beet red, my mouth was dry, my scab itched, and my breath was shallow.  Entering the room I hid behind my dad’s legs hoping nobody would notice me and my parents would change their minds.  No such luck.  My dad stepped away fully exposing me and my disfigured face.  I wanted the floor to swallow me as I waited for the group GASP of horror.  Instead my teachers warmly greeted me with bright smiles and my soon-to-be friends said “hello” as I moved to my assigned desk.  I recall a huge sigh of relief noticing my anticipation was worse than my actual experience.

    As I had sought shelter behind my dad’s legs, for the past several months I have hidden behind excuses and endless analysis of avoidance about writing in a new community.  Today — I boldly step into sharing experiences within a new forum.  I feel excited, nervous, and adventurous to explore new terrain within the blog community.  My hope is to share journeys and information; to connect on deeper levels; and to cultivate new relationships.