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  • Resolve

    Did you make a New Year’s resolution? A fresh start. Goals. New year of reflections, past and future. I couldn’t wait for 2016 to finish. In hindsight, I can’t recall a time when I longed for a particular year to remain.

    Last year, I hired a marketing company to boost my cyber presence and business. Started a blog. Considered firing my supervision group and leaving my church, maybe even converting to atheist. I suffered in my desire for success and more money to sustain my quality of life. The previous year held challenges and disappointment.

    My business profit increased by 20% from last year; however, my salary remained the same. I enjoyed writing my blog and connecting with a community. I remained in group disgruntled and dissatisfied. On the plus, I experienced a paradigm shift in relating to the group. I attended church occasionally feeling a connection with God. My relationships within my church group remained strong and secure. The year emulated an emotional roller-coaster. My dissatisfaction could be compared to my love for pizza. My husband suggests getting a slice of pizza to save calories and money. I hate the entire idea. I want the entire pie (for those of you not from the East coast, pie means pizza). I crave success in relationships and my career.

    Resolve is defined as change. First, I need to get use to typing only one space between sentences. (When the heck, did that take affect?) I still live with some past resolutions which have been life giving for me. For example, continuously preparing new recipes and removing the word, “can’t,” from my vocabulary. My change for 2017 is to accept a blessing — the entire pizza. Bring it on!

    (I only had to go back a couple of times to correct double spacing. Not too shabby.)