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  • Seven Year Itch

    Let’s say you are in the midst of the seventh year of your marriage. You are both kind of coasting through the relationship and it has been somewhat pushed to the side. You may or may not have tried counseling but with kids, social engagements, a mortgage and all of the other stuff that comes along with being a young married couple. You seem to fight more than you used to and about more and more petty things. It is difficult to see a positive future and even harder to remain positive in the moment. At some point or another we have all felt like things just are not working out, as if the world is against us and our relationships are not as strong as they should be. Relationships are very important, and in dealing with issues within the relationship it is always good to have an impartial, compassionate person to talk to. Wendy Iglehart has the skills you both need to make your marriage into something beautiful again.

    Rewrite Your Story

    couplhero22Start your love story anew and deal with the problems head on, Wendy can help. Many reasons that marriages fail can be worked on and may eventually be conquered with the right amount of effort. As distant and hopeless as your marriage feels, it is more than likely able to be salvaged. You married each other for a reason and remembering why you fell in love in the first place is a good place to start. That being said, people change and it is sometimes hard to deal with when your significant other is a different person all of a sudden. Don’t give up however, Wendy Iglehart is your local marriage counselor serving Cockeysville and the surrounding area. Call today to set up an appointment and start enjoying your marriage again.

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