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  • Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder – Part 2

    perfectionistIn our last blog post, we touched on a few of the signs and symptoms that you may experience if your anxiety becomes a mental health disorder. With the amount of factors that go into anxiety, from the ways that it’s triggered by the way that we handle it, there are quite a few signs and symptoms that you may notice. Last time we visited how an inability to sleep at night and/or a feeling of detachment could be signs that your anxiety is in fact, a mental health disorder.

    Today we are going to cover a few more signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing if your anxiety is more than just situational.

    Over Thinking

    One of the biggest, and most common, symptoms of anxiety is the over thinking that can’t seem to be controlled. It doesn’t come in any one instance, it happens with just about any instance. It could be work that you’re getting done, social interactions that you’re having or just carrying yourself properly, at times, it could be all of the above. When it comes to overthinking to this extreme, you wind up at a point where you have a hard time functioning without it having a huge effect on your life. This type of overthinking can increase chances of anxiety and make it  overwhelming.


    Tied to the over thinking factor, most individuals who are diagnosed with anxiety as a mental health disorder also experience high levels of perfectionism and compulsive behaviors that begin to drive their lives. In the cases where perfectionism and compulsive behaviors are driving your life and anxiety, it’s nearly impossible to be able to socially function, or function at all. Especially when you’re spending most of your time.

    If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it’s time for you to come in and speak with Wendy Iglehart. Counseling is the method that individuals with anxiety have seen the most success with, and we would like to help you! Call our office to set up an appointment today.