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  • The Benefits of Therapy

    Life is a strange and unpredictable thing. Like a roller coaster in the dark, you are unaware of what twists and turns are coming your way. One moment you might be riding high only to be sent into a sudden and unexpected descent. It’s important to know that you don’t have to be alone on this ride. Not only do you have friends and family ready to buckle in, but you also have the option to see a therapist to guide you along your journey.

    I know there are some out there that cringed at the thought of receiving counseling. There’s a common misconception that therapy is meant only for crazies and those unable to keep a grip on their life. This is simply not the case, and this perception needs to be remedied, for there are countless people out there that could truly benefit from weekly sessions.

    You’re not crazy for needing help, you’re only human, and taking that initial step to sign up was not only brave, but also a sign that you’re looking to better yourself or the relationships in your life. Wendy Iglehart is dedicated to helping you through your woes by providing counseling in Cockysville. Whether you’re suffering from anxiety, anger management, or could use some help with the relationships in your life, you can count on a safe environment to talk freely about your problems, and receive support and guidance in return.

    Through meaningful counseling, you’ll find that you can build stronger relationships, and become the best version of yourself. By strengthening your mental health, you’ll notice that other areas of your life will be enhanced as well. Counseling is nothing to be scared or ashamed of. If you still find yourself hesitant, we’re here to give just a few examples of the benefits found within psychotherapy treatment.

    Safe Space With No Distractions

    In this crazy, fast-paced world that we live in, it can seem nearly impossible to find a quiet place to collect your thoughts, and express your feelings. Even if you meet a friend at a coffee shop to talk, it’s difficult to avoid distractions. With other conversations taking place around you, music flowing through the speakers, and that ever constant temptation to flip through your phone, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to have a meaningful conversation that will help you through your issues. Not only that, but your friend is probably not trained to aid you with these problems. Not to say they can’t give you some helpful advice, but Wendy Iglehart is a licensed psychotherapist trained to help you understand yourself and your problems.

    During your sessions, you will be in a quiet environment, free from distractions, in order to give you the optimal setting to organize your thoughts. You also don’t have to worry about what you say. Nothing will leave the room, so you’re able to get down to the real issues in your life without any apprehension.

    Confront Your Past

    You can’t know where you’re going without knowing where you’ve been. Our lives are made of building blocks, with each event or trauma, no matter how significant, adding to the person that we are today. You’re not able to confront your current issues without delving into the past. Throughout your therapy sessions, Wendy Iglehart will work with you to navigate through your history. With this knowledge, she will help you to face your memories that you had previously repressed, and bring you to the realization that there’s only one person who can determine your future, and that person is you.

    Build Your Relationships

    It can be extremely difficult to approach problems with a loved one without creating tension, or making matters even worse. Everyone has their own opinions, and bringing these up with no mediator can turn what was meant to be a productive conversation into a tense argument. At Wendy Iglehart Psychotherapy in Cockeysville, everyone will be able to speak their mind in a effective and advantageous way, and then work together to find solutions that will help build your relationships.

    It’s important to put everything out in the open when confronting issues within a relationship, for remaining silent will leave the problems to fester until the situation becomes irreparable. Wendy Iglehart will remain objective throughout the counseling, offering knowledgeable advice along the way, but mostly letting you and your loved ones offer solutions to the matters at hand. Whether you’re in need of family, marriage, or couples counseling, you’ll find that your therapy sessions will produce results that would have been unattainable by working through it alone.

    Become a Better You

    The most beneficial aspect of therapy is that it helps to create a better you. Whether it be learning how to handle your anxiety or depression, or creating a bridge between you and a loved one during a hard time, counseling’s purpose is to have you wake up everyday feeling better and more prepared to face the challenges life has in store for you. Your mental health directly impacts your overall health, so you can’t be the best version of you without having a clear head.

    Wendy Iglehart Psychotherapy

    Wendy Iglehart’s job and life mission is helping her clients find the power that they have within to live the best life that they can. By offering a safe space for you to talk freely, and offering emotional guidance and support, you’ll immediately realize that counseling isn’t something to be embarrassed about, only an avenue for you to organize the thoughts and problems occupying your mind or relationship, and creating a catalyst for healing. You’ll find that counseling will help you make day to day decisions to promote conscious living. Whether you need guidance to control your anger, manage your anxiety, or build a stronger relationship between yourself and those close to you, we’re here to be an ear to talk to, and a hand to guide you. Don’t be uneasy or apprehensive, there’s no shame in wanting to attain a higher quality of life. Contact our office today to see how Wendy Iglehart can better your life.