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  • The Deception of 6 Easy Steps

    The outdated, frayed loveseat appeared sadly out of place next to the new modern sofa set.  Rather than discard the old piece of furniture, I thought a slip cover would give a fresh facelift and still provide comfort for the dog to catch a snooze.  I read on-line reviews ranging from satisfaction to being a “pain in the ass” and I also watched a video for fit tips about slipcovers.  Eventually I purchased a dark brown solid-color cover with performance material and the grips to lock the gathered material in place.  I was enthusiastic about transforming the old into a new rockstar!

    A few days later the package arrived.  A sheet of paper with pictures and 6 step-by-step simple instructions reassured the furniture cover will look neat and crisp making a positive impression.  I bought into the idea of the promise.  I unwrapped the cover frowning at the wrinkles.  I refused to be discouraged recalling the video demonstrating an iron would smooth out the creases after the application.  I aligned the labels to the center-back and -front gradually draping over the structure.  Following steps 3 and 4 I pulled down and positioned the arms.  Meanwhile, my dog believed this was fun and playful to have me crawling on the floor.  She serenaded me with her piercing squeaker toy in my face while I continued to align and tuck and smooth into step 5.  I ironed over the creases without any affect.  The last step deemed a finished product ready to accent with pillows.  Instead I saw a bunch of lopped sided fabric and a big chocolate prune with crooked bows.  I was deceived by the 6 easy steps but the dog was not discouraged falling into dreamland on a prune.  At least one of us was pleased.