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  • Treating Your Depression

    Life is full of ups and downs, and there is no way to predict what tomorrow may hold. One day the sun is shining, and the next is cast in a gloomy grey. Depression can hit unexpectedly, whether you know the root cause or not, and leave you feeling like you’re swimming upstream, alone and afraid. When experiencing this feeling of desolation, every part of your daily routine is affected. Your favorite food loses its taste, music is just noise, and smiling feels like a workout that you don’t have the strength for.

    There is one thing you need to know; you are not alone. It is estimated that up to 16 million adults in the U.S. are suffering from depression in a given year. That’s nearly 7% of our nation’s population walking around with an ever-present cloud of melancholy hovering over them. Majority of these people do not seek help. Whether you’re hesitant to admit it, embarrassed to seek counseling, or believe that it will just go away, this depression will not only remain but likely worsen. If you feel like it’s a struggle to find even an inkling of happiness, please call Wendy Iglehart today to seek counseling in Cockeysville and begin to fight against your depression.

    There are many factors that may cause your despondency. Whether you’ve recently lost a loved one, struggling financially, suffering from addiction, or life has just suddenly lost its luster, admitting that something is wrong is the first step on your path to treatment.

    While prescriptions have been found to help some people combat their depression, sometimes all this is needed is some communication. It’s common to feel alone, and have the feeling that no one will listen, but Wendy Iglehart is ready and committed to hear what you have to say. Just putting all of your feelings out into the open will be cathartic in itself. You will then be able to determine where these emotions are coming from, and tools and methods you can utilize to bring light back into your life.

    Although it might feel like it’s solely casting its shadow upon you, your depression is also affecting those that care about you. When your loved ones witness you in a dejected state, their instincts are to help, but are often pushed away or unsure of how they might be able to comfort you. Seeking counseling and treatment will let those dear to you hear that laughter that they’ve missed again. There is no need to feel embarrassed, hesitant, or nervous about receiving counseling, just the opposite. Knowing that your life is missing something and committing to make a change for the better is brave, and shows that you’re taking control of your life.

    Wendy Iglehart Psychotherapy

    Wendy Iglehart’s mission is to provide her patients with safe space to talk freely about their issues and give guidance and support to help them overcome the obstacles that life throws at us. Specializing not only in depression therapy, but also marriage, family, and couples counseling, as well as anxiety therapy. If you’re ready to better your life or relationships, Wendy Iglehart counseling in Cockeysville is ready to listen and lend you a guiding hand. Don’t hesitate to call today.