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  • Wedding Gown and SUV

    I tossed and turned all night.  Nerves and excitement radiated through my body.  Would I find the right gown?  Will I have the teary experience as seen on TV when the bride just “knows” this is the ONE?  Since elementary school, I fantasized about wearing a long, dreamy wedding gown.  The bridal consultant greeted my mom, my maid-of-honor and me at the front store door.  The consultant asked the style of dress, length, and vision.  Listing all of my “no’s,” she cut me off mid-sentence directing me into the fitting room explaining I needed to try on dresses and begin from there.  As I stood in the fitting room, my body was taken over by a sea of white marshmallow fluff  from gathered material and tulle.   I wrestled into my third gown and stepped in front of the 3-way mirror.  As seen on TV — I choked up, fanned my face with my hands, and confidently knew, this was the ONE.  Thirteen years later, I peruse my wedding album with the warm memory of the experience giving myself permission to feel royal for a day.

    My 4-door, silver sedan had been a practical car in mileage, dependability, and size.  For the past twelve years, I appreciated getting from point A to B with ease.  As reliable the car was it was just as boring.  Entertaining the idea of a new vehicle, I fantasized about feeling sexy and sporty and safe on slush covered roads.   I test drove a sleek, candy-apple red with black trim SUV and just knew this was the ONE.  When I traded my sedan, I placed my hand on the hood with moist eyes thanking it for its dependability and multiple journeys.  Now with my new wheels, I feel sporty and sexy with the sun beaming on my face from the open moonroof and Marc Broussard’s “Home” vibrating through the speakers.